Pullip of the Week 12 featuring Aya&Ume

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Pullip of the Week (feat Aya&Ume) on Pullip.Asia


Move aside, Blythe!  Here comes the cutest little treasure in dolly land.  We know that round glasses is a nostalgic trend that is growing among millennials since last year but this kewpie just wears it like a ray of sunshine.  Actually we don't have her name but she is a Dal custom made by Supattanee Preeprem, a briliant Thai artist better known as Aya&Ume.  Residing in a province north of Bangkok, Supattanee is famous for her manga illustrations like this one she did many years ago on Dals.


Dal of the Week (feat Aya&Ume) on Pullip.Asia


In case you might wonder, she is the same Aya&Ume who recently collaborated with Groove on the upcoming Pullip twins, Callie and Cassie.  What a coincidence, right?  I always felt that life and the universe have a funny way of bringing us to the exact interests, places or people at the right time.  Truth is we didn't pick her on purpose.  Ever since we featured the first Dal in Pullip of the Week a couple of weeks ago, we have been getting emails from Dal fans who gave us links to more beautiful Dal photos.  We went through every one of those links and it so happens that this particular Dal caught our eye.  Here are some more pictures for you to dote on this little charmer.


Kawaii of the Week (feat Aya&Ume) on Pullip.Asia
Cute Dolls of the Week (feat Aya&Ume) on Pullip.Asia


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