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Pullip Premium Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Doll


Today is the day we've all been waiting for since Groove revealed Kiyomi as the first doll to grace the runway of their new premium doll line, Pullip Premium.  So when we received our first shipment of Pullip Premium Kiyomi dolls this morning, you wouldn't believe the excitement that everyone had in our office.  Simply put, it was like the fourth of July!  The pictures you are seeing here were taken by us this morning.  Was she worth the wait?  Well, let's talk a bit about Kiyomi's background.


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Almost four years ago, Groove introduced the original Pullip Kiyomi to us all.  There were mixed feelings about her because of her bear-like ballet outfit.  Some appreciated it and adored her candy cuteness while others just couldn't wait to strip her off that outfit and put on something else.  But still she managed to top the sales chart and became one of the best-selling Pullip dolls of all time.  So how did she do it?


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Her success was pretty obvious.  Yup, "pretty" is the keyword.  She was blessed with an extraodinarily beautiful face up and fans loved the finer details like her glittering eyes of gold or her glamourous aurelian hair that tumbled over her shoulders.  With the bar set so high, will Groove be able to remake history with their new and improved Kiyomi remake?  Well, you have been looking at her.  What do you think?


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For us, the answer is definitely yes but we can't speak for all.  We know that some Pullip fans do not approve the new color of her eyes.  Why don't you be the judge and share your thoughts below.  But before you start commenting, here are some more pictures of Pullip Premium Kiyomi taken from Groove's blog.


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