Pullip Veritas Deep Crimson (Premium)

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Pullip Premium Veritas Deep Crimson


When it comes to seafaring, Pullip is no stranger.  Indeed we have had quite a few mariners over the years, like the more recent Merl Nostalgia (2013) and her predecessor, Merl (2012).  But the first Pullip to sail the seven seas was actually Rovam (2005), a female treasure hunter and Jack Sparrow-like pirate no less.  Her footsteps were trailed by yet another pirate cum sea adventurer, Veritas (2007).  That's right!  The very Veritas that Groove is remaking under their Pullip Premium line.


In case you have not been following us, Pullip Premium is a special line of upgraded re-release of original Pullip dolls that comprise of new design, colors, and premium materials for outfit and accessories.  Not every Pullip gets to go premium, only the worthy ones.  So why did Groove choose Veritas then?  Let's take a step back into the past.


Pullip Premium Veritas Deep Crimson


When Veritas first came out in late-2007, she was an exceptional doll and the hallmark of ingenuity.  Collectors were aroused by the fresh idea of a female pirate captain whom none had seen before in the Pullip line.  She had knee-length burgundy hair that went very well with her beautiful face up, like her big brown eyes, amber cheeks and peachy lips.  However, these were not the reasons behind Veritas' rapid-declining stock at the time.  It was in fact her intricate outfit that stole the show.


While it certainly looked good in the photos, many who bought Veritas later complained that her outfit leaves much to be desired in terms of quality and sizing.  That being said, it sure didn't stop anyone from hogging her until she was completely sold out.  Still, it felt like a puzzle with a piece missing because what could have been perfect turned out to be inadequate.  Perhaps the urge to redeem Veritas motivated Groove to remake a premium version of her.  Whatever their reasons, Veritas collectors can now rejoice as they finally get a chance to fill the void that was left empty in their hearts after all these years.


Pullip Premium Veritas Deep Crimson


One look at the new Pullip Premium Veritas Deep Crimson doll and you'll know that even #JohnnyDepp can't resist the temptation to jump on the Pullip bandwagon.  What was once a common privateer's teal brocade gown is now an extravagant regal gown of gold and red that befits the royals.  As opposed to the previous colors of her hair and boots, her new platinum blonde hair and blood red boots are also a perfect match to her new attire.  Even accessories like her telescope, cross ornaments, chains and the rosette on her bicorne now look stern solid and more lavishing after the Midas touch.


I have to admit, the first thing that caught my eye was the eight-pointed star-shaped rosette on her exquisitely detailed bicorne.  Ironically, that star is actually called the Star of Redemption.  And if you look closely at Veritas DC, you'll notice that every fine detail on her has been thoughtfully redesigned to make her pixel perfect.  She even has her own 'Veritas' signature on one of her eyelids - isn't she something?


Pullip Premium Veritas Deep Crimson


The original Veritas is now a gem among the Pullip community.  She can easily fetch over US$400 on eBay these days.  As for Veritas DC, she carries a retail price of JPY20,000 (US$180) and trust me, she would sell out sooner than Jack Sparrow could glug down his half-filled bottle of rum.  Once she is off the shelves, she would be an even rarer gem so miss her at your peril.  Pullip Premium Veritas Deep Crimson is scheduled for June release.  She is now available for pre-order on Pullip.Asia.




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I enjoyed reading your nicely written article. She is very pretty.

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Hi Allison, thank you for reading our blog. I can't wait to see her in real person or rather doll. :)

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