Pullip Very BerryPOP: A Fruitilicious Lolita Doll

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Pullip Very BerryPOP, Strawberry Country Lolita


Guess who is participating in this year's Open Farm Sunday?  Yup, that would be the newest 'nature-loving' member of our Pullip family, Very Berrypop!  Dressed in a cute Country Lolita-style outfit, this Strawberry-themed farmerette looks so deliciously innocent, cheerful and bright.


To those who are new to Lolita fashion like myself, Country Lolita is a fusion of Classic Lolita and Sweet Lolita fashion, all of which are clothing styles derived from the 19th century Victorian era and early 20th century Edwardian era, except that Country Lolita is often seen worn in the countrysides and farms.


Pullip Very BerryPOP, Strawberry Country Lolita


At a quick glance, I could see the silhouette of Pullip Dita (2008) in Pullip Very Berrypop.  To begin with, Dita is also dressed in a Country Lolita outfit but her style leans towards a more conservative look.  Another similarity worth noting would be their long curls with bangs, which kind of reminds me of #AlisanPorter as a child (better known as Curly Sue; isn't her voice amazing?).


Unlike Dita's brunette hair, however, Very Berrypop has sunny blonde hair with a curled pigtail on each side, tied by what looks like a white ribbon hair tie with two cherries sewn on top.  I know that most collectors would think twice about getting a Pullip doll with curly hair because the curls tend to lose shape and get frizzy over time.


Unfortunately, this is a natural behavior of synthetic wigs as they often develop static cling due to the buildup of negative charged ions. The good news is you can neutralize the static cling in them by spraying with fabric softener.  Here is a good video tutorial that teaches you exactly how to manage curly wigs effectively.


Pullip Very BerryPOP, Strawberry Country Lolita


What I adore about Pullip Very Berrypop is her warm and natural face up.  She is practically beaming with youthful radiance; mild hazel eyeliners, rosy cheeks and pink cherry lips.  Having a warmer skin tone on Very Berrypop also adds a nice touch to her persona.  It makes her role as a country girl who often works under the sun to be more believable.


But the thing I like most about Very Berrypop is her stock outfit.  It is a lovely knee-length white puff dress with long puff sleeves and red gingham patterns from her waist down.  Red ribbons and a cute pair of strawberries hang just below her neckline.  On her legs, she wears a pair of sweet cherry dot leggings and cherry red shoes.  She is a what a Victorian country girl looks like in her Sunday's best.  Either that or someone who is obsessed with playing #Farmville. :)


Pullip Very BerryPOP, Strawberry Country Lolita


Overall, I would say that Very Berrypop is a fresh spoonful of delightful sweetness.  You can feel peace by staring at her and that is a good feeling.  She would definitely be a nice addition to anyone who owns a Dita and she looks perfect in her stock too, a quality you don't find in every Pullip.  Well, almost!


I suppose her lack of eyebrows does feel a bit awkward but it is not that bad as long as you let her bangs down.  And secondly, she should have come with a parasol.  After all, a parasol is what distinguishes Country Lolita from other Lolita fashion.  Pullip Very Berrypop is scheduled for June 2016 release.  She is now open for worldwide pre-order on Pullip.Asia




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